I’ve recently purchased myself a Playstation 4, and I’ve been scooping up some of the essential games for the system since its release a few years ago. One of the titles I picked up was Uncharted: The Collection. Now, I own a Playstation 3, but never picked up these games for some reason. But now with this price-point, and the fact they were remastered made me quickly pick up this title.

For those who are unaware, Uncharted is a game series that resembles that of Indiana Jones in style. You play as a young man named Nathan Drake, famed fortune hunter, in search for treasure through history. Each game has Drake following clues and searching for some long lost historical treasure, only to find he’s not the only one looking for it, and that the treasure may be a bit more supernatural than once thought.

All three games generally feature the same characters, aside from the villains. Victor Sullivan is Drake’s oldest friend and mentor, and helps him out on his adventures. Sullivan typically is only interested in the treasure bit, but tags along anyway. Elena is a young woman, and Drake’s equal in regards to historical knowledge, and cunning. They kind of have a thing for each other.

Gameplay and mechanics in each game are similar. Drake must climb, jump and puzzle up mountains, spires and buildings, all the while defending himself against the mercenaries and villains who are trying to kill him. Most of the sequences are split between bouts of gunfire against your enemy, climbing up something, or solving one of the various puzzles throughout the series.

Since this title is technically three games in one, I’ll be doing a brief review of each game.


With this being the first game in the series, I found myself quite enthralled by the plotline and mechanics. Now, in no way was this game perfect, but like many others, being the first game in an IP (intellectual property), it’s not going to be all that it can be.

I did find myself enjoying the characters, the history they were exploring, and this new face of platforming. I typically shy away from platforming games because I’m usually terrible at it, but this game made it fun and new with the various puzzles.

The one thing I didn’t like about this game is how everything took place on one island. If you look at National Treasure, or Indiana Jones, they tend to travel to and fro following clues to try and find their treasure, but this game had everything in once place.

Overall, I enjoyed the pretty scenery, fun gameplay and interesting characters.


I think this game is my favorite in the collection and the best made of the three. My complaints in the last one were quashed in this title. Nathan traveled around the world to find his treasure in this one, and they even introduced more stealth mechanics which, to me, expounded on the puzzle solving features of the game.

Combat was fun, the characters were fun, and the story kept pulling me along. Though I will admit some of the sequences felt just a little too long, the train section being a prime example, making some of the game feel tedious. But I would argue the developers did a pretty decent job at making the game feel more intense and a bit longer.

Overall, I would say this one is the closest to a perfect balance of story, combat, and puzzle elements that Uncharted is known for.


It would seem the developers attempted to make this the most ambitious title of the series. It felt bigger and bolder than the previous titles, and with a big story to match.

I would have to say that I think this was the downfall of this game. By making it bigger and bolder, the developers seemed to make it more difficult and more frustrating, at least in way of gameplay. Many of the sequences took many, many, many tries with no obvious solution that drove me crazy. My wife could definitely confirm my frustration with how frustrated she got by me getting mad at the game.

By making this game bigger and longer, playing it was almost tedious, and I found myself just wanting to get to the end for the storyline (which also kind of left me disappointed, to be honest).

I did like how this one had Nathan traveling all around, and even explored his youth in Columbia, but overall I believe the second was more enjoyable over this one.


All together I definitely recommend this collection to anyone who likes a good adventure game. The series has great characters, fun gameplay and exciting stories. The graphics are great, the voice acting is top-notch and it just feels polished.

I have to add that even my wife, who isn’t much of a gamer, enjoyed watching me play these. She appreciated the stories for each of them, and it was something else we could then talk about.

In the end, I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on the next title, Uncharted: A Theif’s End!