I was in suspense, amazed, and equally astounded when David told me that Mafia 3 was coming out soon. Rumors were all that I had heard, and then it was pure joyful truth as I read that it was soon to be released. I was ecstatic; Mafia 2 was introduced to me by David and it became a game like Bioshock, Gears of War, Dishonored, games of which were written upon my favorite list. Mafia 2 was literally like the Mafia, the voices, the guns, the plot, the cars, and the music was all set up for me to enjoy. There is no way for me to stress how excited I was to play Mafia 3. If it was anything like Mafia 2 then I was ready to go.

I had been told that it was set in New Orleans, which I was somewhat excited for. It wasn’t New York, which was a good sign of change, and I knew the main character would be of different race, so the changes got me a little excited. But as more information got released, slowly doubts began to rise within me. Doubts of the possibility that they may have ruined the game that I hadn’t played yet, but I still held onto some faint hope that it could be what it needed to be. Finally, with much anticipation, it was released and I got it. It was time for me to enjoy the sequel to Mafia 2.

Let me start off by saying that I was unable to finish this game. I just couldn’t take it.

It was interesting to say the least. The first time I started playing it, the game crashed on me several times. It eventually came to the point where I had to download it multiple times. Finally when it was fixed, I began to play it and soon learned that this game would be the game I would complain about to everyone.

I have to admit that the graphics were great, and the plot was even good up to the point where I had to stop, but the plot in the second one was far better. With me, I grew attached to the main characters of Mafia 2, but with this game it was just hard for me to do. I liked Lincoln but he was just not in the same league as Vito. Now don’t get me wrong, when I learned that Vito was in this I was overjoyed, I knew that he would be older, but my problem was that Lincoln eventually gets to the point in the game where he becomes the boss. In my book, Vito needed to be his own boss taking no orders from anyone, let alone Lincoln. This was the first of many downfalls for me with this title.

The second issue I had was that you couldn’t carry as many weapons as in Mafia 2. Only two to be exact. You could summon a van and get different weapons delivered to you, but there were no gun shops in the game. That was a feature that I liked in Mafia 2. The ability to be able to steal what you needed, and then just leave. I knew the developers were trying some new mechanics, but it was something I really missed. Of course this may not be a big problem for you fine people, but to me it was. This wasn’t totally a huge issue for me, but it was still a thorn in my side.

The third issue was the biggest problem for me. The game wouldn’t stop crashing. I mentioned earlier that I had to keep downloading it just to play it, that was a small problem compared to what it kept doing when I was playing. When I would go on a mission, the NPC’s would shoot at me with nonexistent guns in their hands, when the main characters would speak to each other in the cutscenes, no sound would come out. The subtitles wouldn’t work either, so I eventually ended up improvising the dialogue for them and I ended up missing much of the plot.

The big and final reason why I’m so disappointed by this game is the fact that it felt like a Grand Theft Auto clone. Mafia 3 wasn’t anywhere near what Mafia 2 had felt like, and to me it shouldn’t even be a Mafia game. It just completely dishonored the series to me. As I said, Mafia 2 had its own lovable characters, the plot was intense, the cars, the guns, and the music was just perfect, plus the ending! Man, I loved the ending! But Mafia 3 was just an unbearable sadness.

However, there are some good things about the game – the music was good, the graphics were better of course, and you’re in New Orleans which means you can feed people to the alligators, which of course is amazing. But even then, it just didn’t deliver for me.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t really recommend Mafia 3. Now if you want to play it, then do it. Don’t let my opinion get in the way. If you want to play a game that feels like they pulled a GTA then go for it. No judgement here. You may even conclude that I’m crazy and it’s a “great” game. Everyone has a opinion, but just know I’m looking forward to them (hopefully) making Mafia 2 for Xbox 1.