The Order: 1886 was actually the first game I picked up for the Playstation 4 when I ordered it. I was able to get a deal on just the system, so I definitely needed a game to do with it. I looked for the best looking, cheap game I could find at my local GameStop, and found this one. Currently The Order runs for $10, so it was a no-brainer to me.

The Order: 1886 takes place in an alternate 1886 London, where an old order of knights fight against the half-breeds, which are half man, half beast. It’s steampunk and just overall a super snazzy setting, that also looks beautiful on the PS4.

We, as the player, are in control of a man named Grayson,who goes by the title of Sir Galahad, a name bestowed upon him by the Order. All his allies have names consisting of those of the round table. All the men and women of the Order partake in this miracle fluid called Blackwater, which extends their life and has amazing healing powers much like a red potion in other games.

Most of the game we spend our time battling these half-breeds, who seem to have run rampant in Whitechapel. There is a mystery though; why in Whitechapel, and how does the Rebellion fit into this? There of course is a Rebellion, fighting what exactly, we slowly find out as the game progresses, and I must say the story is wonderfully thought out.

Most of the missions of this game progress similar to Gears of War, we enter a new area and are bombarded with enemies and must take cover behind an assortment of barriers to defeat them. Unlike Gears of War though, there are a variety of game-play mechanics that set it apart. Stealth being one of them, and the literal fighting of Werewolves hand-to-hand.

The vast variety of guns and weapons, are also quite a bit of fun. Everything has a steampunk element to it, so one of the guns can literally emit a pulse of steam to disorient an enemy, or an arc gun that can stop their heart, or even a thermite gun!

Gameplay isn’t really the thing that shines throughout in this game, and to me that wasn’t a huge issue. There wasn’t anything wrong with the game-play, but it’s the story that really brings this game to attention. Most of the reviews you see lament on the length, and the fact that the game is so cinema-esque that it takes away from the experience, but I disagree.

As short as this game was, it felt right to me. It was a story, and once it was done, it ended. But I only spent $10 for this game, I can imagine being more disappointed if I’d spent $60 or even $30 for that matter. Even then, in regards to the fact that it seemed so like a movie was a good thing to me; it seemed a good balance to me, though one of the chapters was literally a cut-scene and you walking from one point to another.

Either way there were several challenging chapters of the game, and it was just a good experience from beginning to end. The story was really good, and it had me guessing the entire time. They created a unique setting that you just wanted to explore, and playing it was fun. My wife even enjoyed sitting there following along with the story-line, because it was just so interesting.

The game really screamed polish, the graphics were great, the story was great, and all the voice actors played their characters exceptionally. To me, there wasn’t any bad thing that just stood out to me. Unfortunately it seemed like you either liked it, or didn’t, and I really did.

Honestly, for its current price-point, I really recommend this game. Especially with a possible sequel coming up, it’d be a great addition to your game library.