I was eagerly awaiting this game after I had finished the collection, so as soon as I was able, I went out and grabbed myself a copy. Oh my goodness, this game exceeded all my expectations. This is a truly wonderful game.

Uncharted 4 takes place a few years after the previous title. Nathan is now working a legitimate job, married to Elena; living the American Dream. But something seems to be missing from his life, the adventure. In this game we find that Nathan has an older brother Sam, that used to go with him on his adventures before he was apparently killed in a search for Pirate Captain Avery’s lost treasure.

Zoom to present time and his brother Sam shows up at his workplace begging him to help him find the treasure, as his life is dependent on it. Nathan drops everything and joins him on a new adventure.

Let me tell you that Naughty Dog learned a few things making The Last of Us and it’s incredible. The levels of this game are more expansive, they allow you to explore more and even take varying paths to your destination. Combat is a bit more dynamic allowing you take a variety of approaches, whether its stealthy or charging right through the front door to die a bunch of times.

This is one of the most visually beautiful games I’ve played so far on the Playstation 4. The characters look incredible, you can see the wrinkles on their face! I have yet to see graphics of this level on this console, and I continuously found myself in awe of what the developers had accomplished.

Here are a few screenshots I took on my playthrough with their Photo Mode.

Personally, I didn’t have many issues with this game, at least not as many as in the 3rd game. The only issue I had were with the controls sometimes, as Nathan would sometimes jump in directions I didn’t want him to. But this game is wonderfully polished.

Combat was actually really similar to past game, and also very different at the same time. If you recall in the previous game if you randomly encountered a bunch of enemies trying to find you, you had no choice but to attack them before you could move on. In this title, they give you options. You can barge in and try to kill them or you can try to stealth kill them. You can hide in tall grass and bushes and take enemies down in this one, or you can can literally stealth it to the max and skip fights all together if you have the skill.

I would usually end up, stealth killing a few, end up getting seen, running around and trying to hide, then sneaking my way towards to the next point I needed to get to. So a clumsy combo of all the techniques usually worked for me in the end.

This title introduces a few new mechanics that definitely improved the feel of the game in general. The most notable being the rope mechanic. This rope basically allows you to Spider-Man yourself across large gaps in mountains, climb up cliffs, or even wall run, allowing you to get where you need to go. It doesn’t feel foreign in this game, even if some of the feats you can accomplish with it do feel overwhelming.

Another mechanic they introduce is being able to drive vehicles. It really adds to expansive feel of the levels to this game. You can even get out and explore areas at your own pace to find treasures hidden throughout the game. Shooting back the visuals of this game, at times mud would accumulate on the tires, and side of the vehicle. The car would slide on low traction terrain, and sometimes you’d have to use a winch. These added features really made things feel realistic.

Since the game has more of an open feel, they allow for optional conversations to happen between characters which in turn create more depth to the relationships.

The history they explore in this game is also super interesting, my wife had a lot of fun exploring all the different people they mention, and much of what this game is built upon has solid historical ground. It was quite a bit of fun playing with her by my side, as she explored the various people on Wikipedia.

This game really is a wonderful finale to the franchise, it hits everything you love about the series and more. This one also explores Nathan’s past, and really makes you feel connected to him as a player since we’ve been growing with him for the past several years. If you’ve played the previous Uncharted games, you need to play this game. It’s one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. Get this game. Seriously. Do it. Right now.