Flashback to the early 2000’s, way back when Blockbuster ruled the entertainment industry and every Friday night kid’s were looking for either a movie or game to rent. Back when Cici’s was the dominant provider in the kingdom of pizza. Come back in time with me to where, at Cici’s, the arcade games were truly the best. Now picture this. You walk into Cici’s full of excitement for the best food but also for the games in the back. Walking in you see racing games, Pac-Man, Mario, and upon others, but then you see it, the arcade game that started this affair inside yourself, where other games can not really match the intensity of this one game: Resident Evil.

Yes, every Friday night I would be either at Blockbuster’s or Cici’s; trying to rent a great game or movie, or desperately trying to play Resident Evil. I remember the first time I was introduced to it. A friend was having a birthday party at Cici’s and he asked if I ever played this game before. My answer was a big “No” of course, but his smile that was showing on his face exclaimed that I would fall in love. I never got far in the game, but that game made me love horror, and it also made me love anything with zombies in it. No matter how cheesy the move or game was, if it had a zombie of in it, then I was game. Eventually they took the game out of the arcade room due to more advanced games coming out, but also, eventually, Cici’s disappeared from my town. I wouldn’t see another one for 10 long years but even that one closed down as well. By that time, the Resident Evil franchise existed on the 360’s, and of course, I played them.

There were a lot of problems that I complained about in the series. One being the third person point of view. The second, which was the biggest, was how you had to stop, aim, and shoot. No running allowed in this. I hated that about the series. It annoyed me a lot. Of course that was purified by the guns you get and the whole plot, but still it was annoying. Not only to me, but I know it bothered a friend of mine who played with me. By the time you stopped, reloaded, then tried shooting, you’re either: A- getting attacked or B- dead. Most likely dead on my part. At that point I gave up on the series until one day I went to my local GameStop, and they asked me if I was going to get the new game. I was cautious at first about it just due to the bad experiences with the previous games before. Nevertheless, I pre-ordered it and just recently got the game.

Now Resident Evil 7 takes place in 2017 with the plot being that the main character: Ethan, is trying to find his wife Mia who has been missing for a while. One day, he gets a message from her to come down to Louisiana to find her. In his attempt to find her, he comes across a abandoned mansion filled with horror. It’s up to him to find Mia, escape the mansion, and hopefully have a “happy” ending.


Of course the graphics would be better due to it being on the next gen, but compared to some of the other games I’ve played so far, this game takes it. With Resident Evil 4, 5, 6, and up, you get decent graphics with good plot. In all, this game took my gamer heart to a new level of distinct opportunities. The game is set in Louisiana so to see that the state I was born in, be in this game was a huge bonus. They did so well with the landscape, marshes, trees, and sky. Realistic. Very realistic. Even the pictures, that are spread throughout the mansion, are realistic in itself.

Second Reaction: FIRST PERSON!

I was super excited about this. I’m glad that Capcom finally made the game into this awesome perspective. With it being this point of view in almost every game now, it has taken them a while just to set this up. I’m enthralled that they did it in this game instead of the games beforehand. This game just takes the cake already with the graphics, but now with first person, they have taken a huge step into the future of the franchise.

Third Reaction: SO MUCH HORROR!

The past game were scary but it got old. First it was zombies, then flying bat zombies, then huge zombies, and so on, but with this game, it’s not necessarily zombies; it’s more in the category of crazed Manson family that cannot die. The horror is still here though but just in a form of you walking down a hallway, and suddenly the dude that you just killed, comes bursting through the wall to kill you.


That’s right people! You can finally move, run, walk, and die while shooting! Go out guns blazing! This is what made the game for me. As I said in the early words, in the previous games you had to stop or aim to reload, then shoot, but with this, it’s simple. Run. Reload. Shoot. Die brutally.

Final Reaction: GET THIS GAME!

It took my breath away! Well, so far that is. I haven’t finished it yet. I keep trying to be a hero and kill this person with the gun then when I run out of ammo, I try the knife to no avail though. I die a lot! Some deaths are just stupid funny. The game reminds me of The Evil Within, with all the deathly, bloody gore. It doesn’t shy away of the puzzles that the past games made you do. The only thing different is that you have the guy that is trying to kill you on your back nonstop. Here’s some advice about how to play it: RUN! Don’t try to face the bosses unless you have a lot of ammo and a lot of guts to spread all over the floor, because if you try to face these people, then you’ll see your insides everywhere. Get the game and play smart!