I love anything with a great story line in it as well as the character depth of the series. Take Naruto for example. Kid grows up without parents, with the whole village hating him due to Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox demon. Eventually, Naruto makes friends and, well, becomes a hero to the everyone, and finally the Hokage. So, yes, I do love plots like this and anything that peeks my curiosity. Besides reading a lot of manga and watching a butt load of anime, I also read online webtoons. If you want to check out some of my favorites then here are some, just to name a few, that are worth reading: Tower of God, unOrdinary, The Gamer, Trump and Noblesse.

On November 1, 2016 one of my favorite webtoons ended abruptly. To say that I was sad is an understatement; more like disappointed in the ending. The name of the webtoon was Girls of the Wild’s and don’t let the name deceive you, for it was downright the best webtoon I read since Tower of God and Noblesse. The plot was intriguing and the comedy plus romance were all there. Taking place in a high school, hence Girls of the Wild’s, a young man by the name of Jaegu just started going there, but it’s an all girls school that just started coed. For now he’s the only guy. On the first day there, he gets into trouble with the Queen who is one of the best fighters in the school. Oh, did I forget to say that the school is based on boxing or anything in the martial arts domain? If someone has a problem with someone else, then you go to the ring and deal it out there. So Jaegu must fight the Queen, but here’s the thing about him: he doesn’t like women due to his mom abandoning him and his siblings.

Eventually the story evolves with him making many friends, falling in love, and becoming somewhat of a champion in boxing. I know what you’re thinking! That this story sounds amazing! Yes, it is. Unfortunately there are a few plot holes in the series. I had high hopes for this series and am still not sure why ZHENA (the creator) decided to end this series so early. Before you read ahead, I must warn you of the spoilers, but just a few.

1- The Nosebleed.

There’s a point in the series where Jaegu is having constant headaches and one day just gets a nosebleed. My thought process was maybe he got hurt in one of his fights without knowing it, and now has a brain injury. It is dark, but to see this never come to light bothered me. It was just pushed under the rug and never talked about it. In any anime or manga, there’s always a catch to these. Dying from cancer or some ghastly suicide effect. I don’t know. I wasn’t the only one that was bothered by it either. After the series ended, people were asking questions left to right. Questioning things drive us as humans and this was just unacceptable for me.

2- The Mother.

Never heard of again; let alone never seen at all. She just *puffed* into thin air. Even Naruto, in his most horrendous actions, met both his parents, hugged them, and cried as well. Forgiveness and all, you know? But in Girls of the Wild’s, Jaegu’s mother just vanished and there was no state of forgiveness at all. No reunion or symbolic ceremony. I thought she died at first. Maybe a episode I missed with a flashback of a funeral? The answer is: no. She just disappeared. As a writer, it irked me a lot. I didn’t even care if she died, as long as the mother was just seen in some way to communicate that there was a character development.

3- The Other Characters.

In every series ever created, a character has a development in the story. Once again in Naruto, look at the dude with the ramen shop that Naruto always ate at. Even though he was just a small character, he’s eventually known as the guy that accepts Naruto for himself; troubles and all. There were other main characters in Girls of the Wild’s, and a lot of them were friends of Jaegu’s. Each of them have a distinct story with different hobbies. All of them falling in love with someone almost towards the ending of the series, but it is never made certain on where they went from there due to it being about Jaegu’s feelings towards the Queen.

4- The Kiss.

This is more of a honorable mention from someone in the comment section of the series. Bacon pancakes (no joke but that’s the name) got upset due to the way it ended of course, but got more offended over the fact that it ended with no kiss between the two main characters. Nothing happened. They met, talked, something happened, and then it ended. Just like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ended with Luthor tick-tocking in his cell, it was just a horrendous ending. All joking aside, I would have ended it in a different way. Of course you probably would have to, but here’s how that movie would have ended in my book: Luthor goes to jail, Superman is “dead”, and all the same things that happened, except with just a twist. Phone rings. Man in his study is sitting in a leather chair with the back of the chair towards the phone and his front looking over a city. Maybe Gotham? Maybe Metropolis? It rings a second time and he turns towards the phone, picking it up slowly, and not saying a word. “I understand.” he says. Then he puts the phone down and looks over the city again. With cold words, he says, “I see Alexander Jr. failed. It’s time for the real Luthor to step up; time for justice to be served.” See now that’s a ending I want or somewhere belong those lines.

Going back to Girls of the Wild’s, it just ended too soon; too abruptly. I do recommend the series though. Go and read it. Trust me you’ll feel the same as I do, but nevertheless love that you got to experience such a story that has existed so far.