As you know, David and I write for your enjoyment but there are subjects we can’t particularly write about. I don’t mean political things, but more in the genre class of lists. See, he likes Japanese movies with sub of course, games, and all other subjects in that category. Although I do enjoy some things in this category, I cannot write about them hence the different genres we write about. I love horror, but he hates it. As far as I know, David has only played two horror games: Bioshock and Alan Wake, and seen one movie: Insidious. To get to the point, you’ll only read horror reviews from me so let’s begin!

I absolutely love horror! I love glaring into the dark and allowing it to peer into my soul. I got the love for the art from my father. This is going to sound bad, but when I was a kid, my father sat me down on the couch, and we watched IT together. At the time it terrified me! I remember keeping the bathroom door open for a few weeks so Penny Wise doesn’t take me away! Eventually I got over it, but I was still terrified of the dark and anything horror related. The second movie I saw (I count IT as a horror movie and not a miniseries) was Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp, and once again it terrified me. You’d think I would give up right? The total opposite actually! The third movie I saw was The Haunting with Lili Taylor. Want to guess what happened? I got over my fear… just playing. My mom had to sleep with me for a while.

In third grade, I had to read a book of horror that opened up my mind to new wonders and eventually, as the years passed, I played Bioshock and so on to realize that horror isn’t so bad. A couple of years ago, I was going through YouTube and I found a guy called CreepsMcPasta who read Creepy Pastas on there. By this time, I have already accepted anything that goes bump in the night. Due to personal supernatural experiences, I just had to accept that we live in a world of good and evil. As a Christian, I had to accept this.

I started looking more into the people that read these amazing stories, and I found more of them on YouTube! MrCreepyPasta, CreepsMcPasta, CreepyMissusPasta, Lets Read, aqnd TheCreepyDark have opened my eyes to a new reality! Opening my eyes to new stories to write about one day. Man, if you love horror then look these people up. Trust me on this because you won’t be disappointed. Maybe one day I’ll write on the things I’ve seen in the dark and allow you to explore the world I live in.