An end to a long deserving era has come to a close as Hugh Jackman took off the adamantium claws of the man of legend: Wolverine. After seventeen years of playing the famous X-Man, Jackman ended it, and let me tell you fine people, it ended on a great note. The last movie is set in 2029, where almost all of the mutants are gone and Logan is now a alcoholic, working as a chauffeur. Only a few mutants are left, and the movie shows Logan, Xavier, Caliban and the new generation. In this movie a lot is revealed on what happened to mutants, what’s happening to Logan, and what will come to pass.

I almost cried. I know what you’re probably thinking: Crying for a fictional character? You bet I am! But it wasn’t only that. Jackman portrayed Wolverine since I was a kid and although I knew that one day he would quit it, I didn’t know that the ending would be so soon. I wanted a few more movies and with him in his yellow-black suit, but Logan was worth it. As you know Jackman said this was his last one, but we also lost another one: Patrick Stewart who plays Xavier. Man, this movie gave me the feels.

I wish I could go deeper in this movie, but to do so would be to reveal spoilers. I can only tell you that the movie was great, and probably the best one I’ve seen this year so far. The whole cast deserves a globe and Dafne Keen, plays X-23, did an excellent job. If they were to do a sequel, they should do one with her and the new generation. All of them did well. There is no credit scene after the movie, but there is a before one.

The last twenty minutes of the movie are intense, and I wish I could talk about it, but, alas, I cannot! All I can say is that it ends with a great quote from a classic movie and that you should quit what you’re doing right now, go to the theaters, and see Logan. You won’t be disappointed! Go see it!