The other day I was looking at my Xbox Live free games section and I saw this game called, Layers of Fear, and, without hesitation, I pressed “A” to download. Took a while for it to download and when it finally did, I began the game. As you know, I am a fan of horror games, but this one had me in tears due to its beauty. I mean, I was surprised by the game and the mechanics, plot, and horror of it! It was extraordinary! A must play game for horror gamer’s!

Mystery. Horror. Suspense. Just a few words to describe it. Even beautiful would be one of them. Throughout the game, the mission is to find ways to make this painting you’re doing better, unique, and special. Basically a masterpiece painting. While looking for these items, you have to enter new rooms filled with mystery. Some rooms are like puzzles while others have notes that are read to you in a mischievous voice.

As I stated, the game is very beautiful, not only in how it’s made, but also in how it’s represented. I adored this game. It has a piano vibe to it. It’s hard to explain. One second it’s beautiful like the notes of a piano, but the next second the rough, horrific parts, come into play, and the negative notes are played like on the piano. Personally, I love pianos. When you watch anime, you’re introduced to piano playing, but even before watching anime, I’ve always had a desire to play the piano, as well as to write, and sing with that magical beauty. There’s a part, in Layers of Fear, where you have to go into the basement to look for an object of the painting you need before completing it. In the basement, all the furniture is blocking your way, so you have to find your way through. After you do, you find a piano that is put in the darkest corner of the room. Pressing a button, the piano plays and I think a memory is played, but while it’s playing, the furniture that was spread everywhere is now floating, slowly, up to the ceiling. I didn’t freak out like some people would, but instead watched it come to life. The notes they chose for this part is simply magical. Man, I loved this part! Just beautiful!

The whole game had a Resident Evil vibe to it and David would absolutely hate this game. One moment you’re walking in a hallway and you turn a corner, look behind you, but the hallway that you just walked isn’t there. You look back and there in front of you is a doll. Walk closer to it and it gets up. Freaked me out. There are scenes of you just walking down a hallway and suddenly that doll just runs past you while laughing in the creepiest way. Some parts are like a labyrinth. Just walking around until you figure out which way you’re supposed to go. Also, there are parts where you open a door and see a woman crying, I would advise you to leave the area as soon as possible. It doesn’t end well.

The ending has multiple parts. Like if you ignored some parts or did all parts, then you have different endings. The whole story is just amazing. WOW! Also there are pandas throughout the game so if you’re a panda fan (like me) then play this game. Just know that this game has it’s flaws but if you look past the mistakes, and gaze into the beauty of the soul that it brings, then you’ll love this game like I do.