Two years ago I saw a trailer at GameStop for Until Dawn and I was intrigued with it. In other words, I needed that game in my life. There was just one small problem, I didn’t own a PS4 and had not owned one of those systems since the PS2. I traded my PS2 in for a Xbox 360 after playing one of the Halo games. You can probably understand my sadness at that time. No money or birthday coming, so my option was to wait a really long time. I slowly started to forget about the possibility of getting it. Too much money was needed. So two long years passed and David gloated about his PS4 without knowing it bothered me. The games you could play with it that weren’t meant for the Xbox. The possibilities of having one, the games I could complain about or love, and the reviews I could give, slowly passed away into a dream.

I went to David’s house this past week for a party and right before we were going to play Cards Against Humanity, he places a box in front of me. I’m looking at everyone who is at the party, and David said that they had pitched in for it. I start to open it up and there before me is a PS4 with the Uncharted series and The Last Of Us. I’ve been given a lot of great gifts in my life, but only a few have pierced my heart, and left a memory. One of them being a FM Transmitter and now this. “How much was it?” That’s what came out of my mouth first and the “free for you” scenario was played. I almost cried. This week meant a lot to me. I celebrated two years of living and now I had just gotten this gift that I’ve been wanting for so long. Every time I went to my GameStop, I would go to the PS4 section and look at the games, then write down the games to get, but also knowing that getting it was low. Every time I would go over there to the section, the guys who worked there would ask, “Did you get the system yet?” I would always respond with, “No, but maybe one day you guys will give me.” You can figure out their response for yourself, but guys, I finally have a PS4! When I opened it up, I said, instantly, “WE NEED TO GO TO GAMESTOP TOMORROW!” When we did, I finally got it, I finally got the game I’ve been waiting so long for: Until Dawn.

Until Dawn reminded me of Harper’s Island. Do you guys remember that show? The show basically was about these group of friends going back to the island for their friend’s wedding, but each one is getting killed off one by one. Until Dawn is like this show, but better. It opens up with friends going back to this isolated, snowy, mountain after two of their friends died a year ago. In which it is stated later that the friend’s that died (they were sisters) were never found. So the whole game is based around that aspect, but also other supernatural things.

I quickly learned that it’s a hands on game, which means that when a scene comes up, you can’t just watch, but you have to participate in it. Press triangle to duck or circle to jump. It was like that the whole game. You miss a button and they fall or something bad/horrible happens. Until Dawn also includes a phenomenal cast. With Hayden Panettiere from Heroes, Rami Malek from Mr. Robot and Peter Stormare from Fargo, and that’s only a few of them to name. To put these people in this game was a brilliant idea.

I had only one problem with it. I’m not a fan of a game where you can’t move the camera freely around a room to see what’s there. You could only go so far with it, but it wasn’t only that. The camera would stay in one place until you go down a hallway. Other then that, the game was great.

They give you a hint throughout the game that sometimes the best thing to do is to not do anything. Remember that if you’re going to play it. There were options to hurt or kill or shoot at random moments at things, but you have to remember what I just said. REMEMBER IT! But I have some wise words for you, besides what I just wrote, I want you to remember these two words: Kill Emily. God, she was horrible! You’re given options to either leave Emily to die or help Emily up. Leave her! Don’t be kind to her! Eventually I killed her but it took a lot longer than I thought.

I was caught off guard with some of the game-play. You think you figured something out and think you’re so smart, but what you figured out was really nothing. Back to square 1. The whole game was filled with horror, mystery, confusion, happiness when Emily died, suspense, and psychological events that messed with your mind. They even added supernatural forces to it so it can be more horrifying. One thing that you should know about this game besides to kill off Emily, and to not do anything at moments, is that when you get killed, there is no re-spawning. You just die and that’s how the character ends. Then it will move on to the next character and it’s up to you to help, or accidentally kill them. The game is also worth replaying and make sure you watch the ending. They do interviews with the remaining survivors that you chose.

As I end this review, I want you to remember that if you want Emily to die, you’re not a bad person. She deserves it. So choose the right way and just do your best to save everyone besides Emily. DON’T SAVE HER! So go out and get the game! It’s worth it!