Recently David told me, plus this other guy we game with, that this game called Killing Floor 2 is coming out free for the PlayStation 4, so we needed to download it to play it all together. While their games were still downloading, mine was done, so I picked up the controller, and started this unknown game.

I knew it was a zombie apocalypse sort of game with blood, and guts being shown everywhere, but I didn’t know it would be so great. It reminded me of COD Zombies with a lot of Left For Dead in it. Instead of the disappearing blood and guts, like in those games, this game allowed it to stay, which I enjoyed probably a little too much. 

I love the fact that you can choose different genres of characters, customize each one, and the weapons… THE WEAPONS! I love how you can upgrade your weapons or just buy a new one. My favorite gun is the sniper, but when you upgrade it, it becomes a gun so powerful that when you shoot, the bullet follows the target. I love it!

The music is extraordinary too! They play metal music from some of my favorite bands like Impending Doom, Becoming The Archetype, Fit For A King, Demon Hunter and others. It surprised me that they played these type of bands. Mostly due to them being Christian. If you like metal music, then you should check out those bands.

The only problem I have with the game is the buying system for the guns. I’m confused on the buying style of the weapons, so I mostly just upgrade it. Other than that, I advise you to play it. It’s only for the PlayStation 4 though, so if you have the system, then download it! If you want to, you can play with my friends and I. If you want to die a lot and blame others on why you died, then you’d fit well with us! It would be great. Look me up on there- baileyfoster632.