Prey pierced my heart in a lot of ways. It had a mixture of some of the best games in my book: Bioshock, Dishonored, Dead Space, and a mystery game. (The forth game is due to it being a spoiler.) I’ve actually never heard of the series until either David told me, GameStop showed a trailer, or I found it randomly; either way it was new to me. Once I heard about it, I looked it up to see what the original was in the series. I learnt that this was supposed to be the sequel (or something like that), but instead they remade it. Let me tell you though, Prey, is one of the best games in the suspense/horror/ “Where the hell am I?”, genre of this year, well so far at least. I got lost so many times in this game that it’s funny to me now, but let’s dive into it!

I’ve always been a fan of Bioshock. You have Jack, a man looking for a way out, but eventually starts looking for the truth, and having you, the gamer,  asking: who the hell is this guy?, Rapture, a utopia that was meant for greatness until the civil war came with Andrew Ryan against Frank Fontaine, and finally the power of a isolated sea. Everything I just said, mix that with Prey but add space like Dead Space (not as intense though) with Dishonored due to the movement of the player. If you combine all these together, well, you get a perfect game.

You play as Morgan Yu, a scientist that has a “forgettable” secret, and once shit hits the fan, you’re basically in need of way out. It’s up to you to save people or leave them to die. Yes, it’s a choice game which means multiple endings. My favorite! That’s partial sarcasm. I’m a fan of them if I put energy into each one, but if I get the one I want or the one I didn’t really see coming, then I don’t play for a LONG time. The ending I got was just, just… DAMN. That’s all you get! When I first started the game, I noticed something and instantly thought, ‘What if it was really this?’ It was just a observation, just a simple “what if”, yet I got it right. The mystery game I mentioned up there has the same concept, but just different of course. 

You start off with a wrench and eventually get other cool weapons, powers, and gadgets. What’s really cool is that when you pick up items, like junk or just random stuff you won’t use, you can find a machine that will recycle them, then turn them into a sort or currency where you can buy ammo or anything you need for the moment. 

Everything is so well done in the game. The music is incredible, the plot is superb, and the graphics are on point. Now, just cause I’m praising it so highly, doesn’t mean I didn’t complain about it. There were moments where it glitched on me and I found myself in the ceiling, like the outer parts of blackness in a game, but other than that, everything was fine. Be prepared to die a lot though, as well as getting lost, or forgetting what you’re supposed to do. 

What I really liked about the game was the different diversities in it. Most games don’t really have this in it. What I mean is, in Prey, you hear these voice recordings (like Bioshock) that describe the passion of life: love and other things. Most of them are lovers (straight to homosexual) looking for love and I found that’s really cool that the creators added this into the mixture. I don’t see that much (actually at all) in games, and it was cool to see that. 

Before ending it here and telling you to go play it, let me tell you that in this game, there is more than meets the eye. No, seriously. Imagine a wall. You go closer to it, and look at it intensely for some odd reason, until you touch it and it shatters. There’s a door. Do you have the courage to step forward, turn the knob, and go through it? Up to you, but if you do, and end up at GameStop make sure you buy this game. I promise you that you won’t regret it. If what I mentioned is one of your favorite games, then go buy it!


P.S.- One of my favorite songs from Prey.