As a geek, part of my blood is living off of trailers until things are released. With Comic-Con rearing it’s head, my heart got to experience it’s fair share of joy this weekend and new trailers were released. I’m going to geek out about my top 5 trailers.

Ready Player One

So a couple years ago, a friend of mine tells me about this awesome book she’s read. Tells me that I need to read it. So she loans me her copy, and I take it on my trip to Japan. While in Japan, I honestly didn’t have a whole lot of downtime the first couple of weeks, so it didn’t get read until a bug bit my foot, rendering me mostly immobile; that and a long car ride to the mountains allowed me to finally read this book. Oh my goodness, this book.

This book is literally a holy grail of gaming pop culture, and the story kept you going and going and going. It was absolutely wonderful, so when I’d heard a movie was being made with Speilberg at the helm, my body was ready.

Time had passed, and no notable news aside from one single picture from the film. In the meantime, my wife and I listened to this book via Wil Wheaton, and she fell in love as well. Needless to say, when my friend uttered the words “they released a Ready Player One trailer,” everything stopped, I pulled it up on my big TV, and the hype filled my veins.

I will say this, I only recognized like three scenes from the trailer, and chances are it will differ from the book greatly, but based on that trailer… it’s still going to be amazing.

Thor: Ragnarok

This is probably going to the best Thor movie so far. Now when I first went to see the original, I was actually pleasantly surprised. They did well, but I think I’ve only seen the second one… once. Ragnarok on the other hand seems to be taking it’s own, colliding with the Guardians of the Galaxy universe, and enveloping itself in retro music just seems to mesh right.

It’s awesome to see Hulk having a bigger part in one of the side movies, we’ve only really seen him in the two Avengers movies, and his parts were pretty shallow. It’s also super awesome to see him speak!

I’m actually super stoked about the soundtrack to this movie as well, and that ending of the trailer… HYPE!

Justice League

I’ve had mixed feeling about the DCU movies. I enjoyed Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice was good once they released the extended version. Suicide Squad was good, but felt super random. Wonder Woman, though, really started to bring it home. It seemed that DCU finally hit the nail on the head, and it was good.

Justice League to me has felt rushed, as if DCU is just trying to get back into pace with Marvel, but from the looks of this trailer it seems they’ve found their pace and are sticking with it.

The movie looks good, the cast seems good, and the action looks wonderful. I’m still unsure as to whom the villain actually is, and I can only assume it’s Darkseid. Either way, as a fan of superheroes, my body is ready.

Death Note

Death Note happens to be one of my top favorite anime. It’s a wonderful psychological thriller, engulfing you in a wonderful game of chess between good and evil, except you’re rooting for evil.

In the anime, Yagami Light is your typical high functioning sociopathic genius. He does extremely well in school, is popular with his classmates and is doted on by his parents. That’s fine for Light, until he happens upon the Death Note. A notebook that allows him to kill anyone he chooses by writing their name in the book.

Like any normal human, Light decides to rid the world of criminals. Sounds cool, but soon the police decided that someone is making these people die. Introduce reclusive genius L, detective extraordinaire. Thus begins the game of chess.

This American movie however, looks totally different. I appreciate they’ve made it their own thing, and I’m very interested to see the movie itself. Especially based on the clip in the beginning of that trailer. Man, they made Ryuk shit-ass creepy.


This is a movie I’d read about a couple months ago, and it really piqued my interest since I’m a big fantasy nut. I really love how they’re melding fantasy with the modern world, and it really seems like they’ve done a good job on it. Many other modern fantasies go another direction, and I like how this is from the perspective of an LAPD cop, you’re going to have a plethora of different cultures in there anyways, now we got fantasy thrown it. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this one.