Do you have one of those movies, in horror, that just defines who you are? Actually, it doesn’t even have to be in horror, but in any genre. Maybe Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or a western in the Wayne or Eastwood category. I expect maybe some Marvel or DC movies, and I expect future generations to say Ready Player 1. IT, the miniseries, is what did that to me. Hits you hard until you need to accept that their are such things as monsters, demons, dogs trying to kill you, and even clowns in sewers. The series is what made me face reality: this world is fucked up.

When I was a kid my father sat me on the couch to watch IT. After seeing the series, I made sure that the door to the bathroom was open for a month or two. I was truly horrified beyond comforting. Years pass and the boy who was afraid of everything, grew up to love horror. Then I heard the terrific news: IT was coming to theaters. I was happy and hoping they wouldn’t ruin my childhood with different plots, bad acting, and Hollywood bullshit.

I went to the theater and saw, in my opinion, the best horror movie, since The Conjuring or Insidious. It didn’t make me scream, but, oddly, made me smile with delight. The writing was brilliant, the kids who acted were astonishing, and even IT was complex. Just an all around must see movie. Go see IT. The costumes are on point, acting is great, and although the story is slightly different from the miniseries and novel, they still made it work. And thank God they didn’t add the orgy scene from the book. Besides these details, IT is a great masterpiece that you need to see.