I have to admit, when David wrote on this game and how long it was, I was skeptical. I mean, the guy got the game wanting it to be like Uncharted, so I thought when it wasn’t to his liking, he was just bashing the game. Oh how I was wrong! Good God, it took so long to beat this game!

As you know from David’s review, you’re on an island, looking for treasure and a way off, and killing so many people. At first, I was into the game. The plot got me hooked and the graphics were good. This game also has a bow in it! I love games like this, but as the story kept going on, and on, and on, it just became one of those “eh” games.

I never played this series before, but heard it was good from several friends of mine. It reminded me of King Kong, Assassins Creed, Far Cry Primal, and Indiana Jones. These are some of my favorite games, so you would assume that since I loved these games I would love Tomb Raider? No. As I said, at first I enjoyed it and the puzzles you can do to get treasure is on point, but man, the non-stop killing of people or you having to kill EVERYTHING was just too much. Like a COD game and getting shot in the leg, to instantly die, I didn’t enjoy the one bullet to the most meaningless spot to dramatically kill me.

You have a few fast paced moments in the game and you have to use your brain cells to focus, and I mean focus, to get through it. I had to use everything I had to just beat the game and I got irritated a lot. If David was around me, he would hear constant complaints and probably hear me blaming him for encouraging me to buy this game as well. “We can play it together and give each other insights. It’ll be fun!” No, David, not fun.

The missions! Holy crap the missions! Go on a mission, kill everything, get nowhere near the mission ending, talk to your crew mates, they make you go get their shit done, kill a lot more people, die, and so on. It never ended! I thought I’d have to just give up. I’ve only felt this way towards one other game. That game being Doom 2016. I tried my best to pay attention, but seeing how much death was in order to beat the game, I forgot what the point was. The same happened in Tomb Raider. You go on a mission to save someone only ending up them dying for you. So what I did was, mute the TV, and turn on CreepyPastas. I got to a point in one mission where I realized Lara, the main character, is a total dumbass. I’ve hated a few game characters before, but never the main one! I get that this is a reboot of the series, but for her to not truly dive into what she is truly known for, really irritated me.

Some missions in the game, I must say, felt like a Michael Bay movie. Too many explosions that weren’t needed. You play and kill, try to save some, but only to kill them with your stupidity and then Roth is no more. Dead. I almost rioted from this. He was the real hero in this. Risking his life to no avail. Forgive me for the spoiler, but it pissed me off. The dude encourages you throughout the game, some people need to be left behind, but does she listen? No, she doesn’t. He dies and I think when he died, is when I not only muted it, but my heart died. 

The biggest issue I had were the levels. What seemed like should have been the ending was just a lie to make you keep going. I second guessed myself so many times, and I thought that when the game really ended, some sea creature would come out and the never ending story would continue. I didn’t know what I was doing anymore! The only reason I beat it was to do a review and I have to say, if you want to play this game then it’s your life. I definitely wasted mine on it. I thought it was going to be a good game and before playing it, I bought the newest one that came out. So far this one is just too much like Assassins Creed. You have to find a artifact before the enemy does and try to use it for curing the whole world. Sound familiar?

As I said, if you want to play it, then go for it. The whole game is action. Just nonstop action. You even get to swim in period river in one of the missions. That’s enjoyable, right?

For more information, watch this video.